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Security Consultancy

The Security Consultancy is an essential service that our clients' demands for them are not consistent throughout the year and do not necessarily occur regularly. Buguard has the experience to understand the needs of and how to improve the capabilities of people, organizations, and businesses for maximum performance outcomes in risk awareness and risk management procedures.

What Are Our Compliance Services ?

We can assist you in establishing a stable security environment by providing services such as threat assessments, policy review and creation, and master planning. Security decisions made today can have a long-term impact on the security and resilience of your company. Our complete security consulting services provide you with greater confidence in the steps you take to secure your family office, workers, operations, buildings, and assets.

Compliance is a legal problem for many companies in today's world. Regulatory standards such as PCI DSS and ISO 27001 prescribe recommendations for securing data and enhancing business information security management.

Buguard offers services and solutions to government and private sector organizations to help them meet business and technical security objectives, such as IT Security Reviews, Security Risk Assessments, Cyber Security Strategy Development, Compliance, policy and privacy consulting, and architecture advice.

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