Web Applications Penetration Testing

What is Web Applications Penetration Testing?

Letting Buguard secure your Business's web application will reduce your business's chances of getting hacked by hackers or being affected by security vulnerabilities which could lead to expose your data, as many organizations sensitive data has been compromised due to the lack of security awareness and poor development implementation for the web applications, Our expert researchers will identify the world’s most critical web application security flaws by a full examination of your business's web application and help you to understand, reproduce and mitigate the discovered vulnerabilities.

Top 10 Web Application Security Risks

  • A01:2021-Broken Access Control
  • A02:2021-Cryptographic Failures
  • A03:2021-Injection
  • A04:2021-Insecure Design
  • A05:2021-Security Misconfiguration
  • A06:2021-Vulnerable and Outdated Components
  • A07:2021-Identification and Authentication Failures
  • A08:2021-Software and Data Integrity Failures
  • A09:2021-Security Logging and Monitoring Failures
  • A10:2021-Server-Side Request Forgery


Reveal and arrange security vulnerabilities.

Maintain trust for customers and company image.

Ensure business continuity.

Demonstrates the real risk of vulnerabilities.


  • Brief about our tests, achievements and findings
  • List of vulnerabilities, their classification and threat level
  • Changes we induced in the system for mending it our way
  • Devices and systems we used and protocols we followed
  • Sudden and far-sighted recommendations.

Our security testing approach

Information Gathering & Spidering

Vulnerability Identifying

Exploiting & Escalating

Final Reporting


Estimation of over-all scope and risk assessment will be calculated in the first itself. The complexity of the system will also be defined. Basically, we gather as much information as we can analyze it deeply, and come up with a solution.

  • It’s a highly disciplined process and requires detail to the attention which we are indebted to do
  • The documentation will be in detail and extensive
  • All the stake-holders of the project will be kept well informed throughout the project
  • Our approach towards every project will be customized according to the nature of the environment.
  • Yes, we do!

    2-4 weeks is the average time we take. However, the size of the environment obviously will have a huge impact on the duration of the test.