Infrastructure Penetration Testing

What is Infrastructure Penetration testing ?

An infrastructure inspection examines network nodes and apps for vulnerabilities before exploiting them. Buguard searches and examines every infrastructure component using the same tactics and procedures as hackers and cybercriminals, seeking to fix vulnerabilities.

Hackers use weaknesses in your network architecture to access sensitive data, such as personal information or monetary systems. Once within your network, hackers can exfiltrate data, extort money, or unleash massive disruption and mayhem. An infrastructure penetration test or vulnerability assessment will ensure that the tested systems and security measures develop following best practices. There are no standard or publicly acknowledged weaknesses in the target system at the time of the test. Bugs can be repaired before an attack, or breach of security happens if they are found.

Types of Infrastructure Penetration Testing

  • External Infrastructure Penetration Testing

    Our development team conducts a more in-depth examination of the coding involved, the current danger, and which coding should prioritize for review. We discover any missing strings or unnecessary coding left in the application by going over the code.

  • Internal Infrastructure Penetration Testing

    Value Mentor conducts analysis using two distinct approaches. Depending on the situation, we use either one or both.

  • Cloud and Virtualization Penetration Testing

    Automated tools are used to examine each coding sequence and its related output, then compared to the necessary result. Manual analysis entails inspecting the application code line by line for logical flaws, insecure cryptography use, insecure system settings, and other known platform concerns.

  • Report

    Our analysis includes an executive summary that highlights business risks and detailed concerns with proposed corrective measures.

  • Review of Findings

    The reports evaluate the entity's technical team and best practice techniques to address its offers, or we will provide a "fast and dirty" solution for the interim time.


Estimation of over-all scope and risk assessment will be calculated in the first itself. The complexity of the system will also be defined. Basically, we gather as much information as we can analyze it deeply, and come up with a solution.

  • It’s a highly disciplined process and requires detail to the attention which we are indebted to do
  • The documentation will be in detail and extensive
  • All the stake-holders of the project will be kept well informed throughout the project
  • Our approach towards every project will be customized according to the nature of the environment.
  • Yes, we do!

    2-4 weeks is the average time we take. However, the size of the environment obviously will have a huge impact on the duration of the test.

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