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We provide Information Security Consultation Services for our clients to help them secure their businesses. By performing different Security Assessments on the scope, we can identify Security Vulnerabilities on your Network, Application, or Code and Analyze the Risk and its Impact on the organization. Then we find the best Mitigation for the discovered Vulnerabilities and deliver you a very detailed report including all the details you would need.
Buguard is a multi-award-winning supplier of Application Security Assessments and GRC services. We guarantee our clients are equipped to continually prevent, identify, and respond to cyberattacks by utilizing our awareness of attackers' techniques to penetrate defenses, in-depth knowledge of the newest security tools, and a dedication to innovation. Buguard dedicates to assisting businesses in protecting their technology, information, and people. Our customized services, along with our industry-leading cyber security knowledge, offer a comprehensive solution to a wide range of cyber security issues.

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Buguard Team is always ready to help if a security incident happens to you.


We conduct ourselves in an honest, trustworthy and ethical manner at all times.


We provide real-world recommendations you can start implementing today.

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Dig deep to find all the possible vulnerabilities.

Maintain our clients' assets safe.

Ensure business continuity.

Demonstrates the real risk of vulnerabilities.

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